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Cycle Flying Roller Coaster

Technical Specifications:

Track Length: 580m

Track Height: 33m

Gondola: 6pcs

Rides: 24 persons

Elevating Speed: 1.87m/s

Max Speed: 82.8km/h

Running Time: 85s

Area: 100mx50m

Power: 132kw

Voltage: 3N+PE 380V/220V50Hz


The roller coaster is designed independently at the end of 2014, based on the previous experience of roller coaster production, combined with the advantages of many roller coaster manufacturers at home and abroad, and after the investigation of various amusement parks.


According to the latest international design trend, the cycle flying roller coaster is developed by MCC who pays attention to the compact structure, changeable and magnificent track design under the premise of ensuring fluency. The column design adopts large section square pipe with large stiffness and good visual effect.


The overhead track, which covers an area of 100 meters multiplied by 50 meters and is 580 meters long, consists of a giant vertical ring, a serpentine ring, two large spiral rings and two coiling rings.


When the 24-passenger train is pulled through the 33-meter-high track peak, it makes a large-angle dive and rolls through the vertical ring, then passes through the serpentine ring, enters two 360-degree spiral rings, and then coils into the brake track section.


The train sometimes goes to the sky, sometimes to the ground, sometimes to circle, to the clouds and fog brings the feeling of tearing the sky and stars. There is no danger of screaming but to stimulate viewers to queue up and be eager to experience!


The main features of this innovative product are compact track, changeable, smooth, square columns, concise, beautiful, the whole set of equipment covers a small but spectacular, high cost-effective investment.