MCCCE Signs Contract for Laicheng Ecological Theme Park PPP Project

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On April 21st, the MCCCE Group signed a contract for the Ecological Theme Park Construction PPP Project (Longma River Treatment Project) in Laicheng Industrial Park of Laiwu City. The signing ceremony was attended by Shangdong Province Laiwu Mayor Wang Lei, Municipal Standing Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Ding Xiwen and MCCCE Group President Yao Jinchuan et al.

This is an important project involving river treatment, environmental protection, landscaping and livelihood in the North New Town of Laiwu, Shandong Province. Its construction contents include the desilting, reinforcement and comprehensive management of Longma River, which can further promote the landscape effect of the both banks and maintain the soil and water along the river. The project is adopting the PPP model for its financing and construction. The MCCCE Group, Laiwu City Government Platform Company and a third party finance company have jointly invested in the project company, which will take full responsibility of the project's procedure settlement, planning, construction, capital collection and financing.