MCC20 Wins Bidding for Fujian Zhangzhou Binhai Theme Park Project

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On August 7th, the MCC20 Group signed a contract with the Fujian Shanchun Tourism Development Company for the Dongshan Marine Happy Holiday Complex General Contracting Construction Project in Xiamen City.

  Located in Dongshan Island of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, the 6th largest island in China, the Dongshan Marine Happy Holiday Complex Project has a land area of 300 mu and a total investment amount of nearly RMB 2.7 billion. With ocean culture as its main exhibition feature and ocean stories as its main experience theme, this project is China’s 5th ocean park integrating the popularization of ocean knowledge, observation of marine animals, large recreation devices, interactive entertainment facilities and high-end leisure equipment. It adopts the strategic layout of ‘street theme park’ to build a complex which integrates theme park attractions, special commercial zones and themed hotels, with the 6 functional areas of ‘Fantasy Ocean Street’, ‘Shuttle Trip’ themed pavilion, ‘Ocean Heaven’ theme park, ‘Deep Sea Exploration’ themed pavilion, ‘Polar Experience’ family recreation area and ‘Pirates Adventure’ themed area. Upon completion, it will be the first choice for parent-child recreation in southern Fujian, the most advanced marine science popularization education base on the west side, the first marine IP incubation base in the country and an internationally renowned marine vocation and recreation center.

  The signing of this project firmly embodies MCC20’s acceleration of the marketing upgrading mode through the guidance of high-end marketing, and fills MCC20’s gap in the theme park construction field of Fujian.